Benefit market solution Portfolio Management Services (Benefit market PMS) is a well established and trustworthy name in the Investment management space. We provide both discretionary portfolio management services and advisory services, to high / ultra high net worth individuals and Institutional investors.

Our Expertise

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At Benefit market solution we ensure the investor benefits through our expertise in investment management and robust performance track record. It is backed by our robust investment processes and a highly experienced investment team with rich experience through various cycles of investment. Our Portfolio Management Services, comprises of professional fund managers, research and wealth advisors and associates with a combined experience of over 10 years. Management of your Portfolio involves continuous care and attention. Simply buying is not enough. Every single investment needs to be monitored continuously. After all, what works today may not work tomorrow.

This, though, is easier said than done. And that’s where BMS Portfolio Management Services come into play. With BMS you can rest assured that your investments are constantly working to achieve your goals efficiently. The driving goal behind every move of our Fund Management Team is to maximize wealth on a sustainable basis for our clients. Our investment practice is backed by a robust FX research division that tracks every movement of the markets round the clock. We avoid rookie risks like over-diversification by doing do our homework and designing focused, strong, growth-oriented portfolios. We monitor every currency by the minute to get the best return on every single investment you make, no matter how the quantum of investment.
It’s no wonder then that clients implicitly trust our well-rounded and insightful recommendations that consistently strike the winning note between risk and rewards, making benefit market solution one of the top Portfolio Management Services in FX.

How We Manage Your Portfolio

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We classify our trading opportunities by risk-reward rating and identify forex trading opportunities for each wealth management plan, based on the risk appetite and the spread.

Group 1504

We typically start with 40% of your capital and increase it to a maximum of 60%, in order to avoid failures in meeting margin calls. This is because most of the losses incurred by wealth management professionals are statistically attributable to the inability to manage margin calls.

Group 2833

Based on the agreement with each customer, we either utilize our daily intraday trading tips, or take up short, medium and long-term positions based on the risk and the spread.

Group 2966

Risk-reward ratio
We use this as a discriminator for holding and profit booking calls during forex trading, as our primary goal is profit while safeguarding the capital of our customers.

Group 2865

Market Analysis
Our wealth management team compiles all the daily forex research pertaining to each decision and stores them for future reference. This research will be made available to the customers as a part of the reportage.

Group 2999

Decision Rationale
For each forex trading decision, our Portfolio Managers include an explanation in the form of a write-up or a set of documentation that directly explains the rationale behind the decision, leaving nothing to imagination.

To safe the capital with strict money management and grow the capital consistency and steadily through our best specialized system.

  • Minimum Investment - 10000 USD
  • Maximum investment  Risk – 30%
  • Expected Returns - 40 to 70% (Per Anum)

Performance fees - 40% of the profit    


  • Transparency – You can see your trading history of all transaction that we trade for you by email statement daily.
  • The investor opening an account direct to well known UK broker.
  • Active and hands-on management of your investments by experienced professionals with an systematic and disciplined trading methodology.
  • Liquidity of assets – Money can be withdrawn at any time no lock up period.

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